Maybe you came to the right place after all.

I have no way of knowing.


Ok, this is my joke of a home page. I got rid of the lorem ipsum standard text soon enough, but I'm still not sure what to put here.


Visiting this page proves that you're out of options on what to do on a fine morning/day/night like this.


Do a Google search for Bone, Get Fuzzy, Pearls for Swine or Dilbert.

Good stuff.


Check out my blog if you are so inclined.


Leaving a comment is considered polite, but I can't make you.


If you want to get in touch with me (why, I wonder) there's plenty of options.


Send me mail at


Doesn't matter what you put in front of the @ but please be nice :)


Or you could go to the length of contacting me on Facebook 


or even Twitter:


Oh, by the way; I put pictures out on FlickR.








































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